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Solanki Engineering Works is leading manufacturer & exporter of Diehead for HDPE, PVC Extruder, Pipe Plant.

Representing Solanki Engineering Works, with a proven automatic coiling solution for tubing and pipe. Available in a single head and double head style the coilers eliminate the need for the operator to handle the pipe. Installing an automatic/manual coiler typically allows for an increase in extrusion speed without the need for additional staff. With extrusion line speeds continually increasing we see our customers wanting enhancement in the coiler station.

Our automatic/manual coilers for solid pipes are available in single or double head machines suitable for coiling pipes in the size range of 16mm - 110mm. The machines can use strap, stretch wrap or both for fastening the finished coil, and robotic coil removal has been supplied on a number of projects. Like all coiling processes a certain amount of customization is required on every project, to effectively meet the customers needs. We have the capability to accommodate this with the technology being built.

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Coiler Features

HDPE Pipe Coil winding becomes easy
Manually/Automatic operated
Coil diameter is fully adjustable
Sturdy base frames
Heavy vertical and horizontal arms

Why Coiler Required ?
  • Why Coiler Needed?
    The coiling of extrusions such as pipe, hose and tube enables long continuous lengths of product to packaged into a small volume. For many products, supplying in coils rather than straight lengths is beneficial typically due to reduced number of joints and reduced installation time.

  • What products can be coiled?
    Any product that has a bend radius small enough to allow a movable coil to be formed can be coiled. The limitation on coil size is usually the constraints imposed by the likely transportation method, such as road transport limits.

  • What is the optimum coiling technology to use?
    This will depend upon several factors such as:
    • the product characteristics
    • coiling speed
    • type of coil packaging required, and
    • the overall volume of coils to wind per annum.

    For very flexible products that are manufactured in low volume and at low speed a manual or semiautomatic coiling method will be adequate.

    For applications involving high volume production of flexible products or any level of production of semi-rigid products a semiautomatic, or fully automatic coiling system should be used.

    For high volume coil production the initial investment associated with automatic coiling should be weighed up against long term cost savings made through reduced labour and increased extrusion output.

    For most cases the automation of coiling will result in 100% payback in two to four years. For offline coiling the payback time can be as low as 12 months.

  • Is it better to make finished coils on line, directly as the product is extruded, or to wind onto drums at the extrusion line and produce coils on a secondary off-line coiling process?
    If production from only one extrusion line is being considered for coiling, or for coiling of products larger than 90mm in diameter, in most cases it will be better to coil direct online. Exceptions being if the production process prevents coiling directly, or if extrusion speeds are too high for coiling on line.

    If product diameters are less than 90mm and if two, or more, extrusion lines are running a similar range of product sizes, it will usually be more cost effective to wind onto process drums at the end of the extrusion line and produce finished coils off-line using on a high speed rewind line.

    Offline coiling allows one automatic coiler to handle up to 35 million meters (112 million feet) of product per annum which can represent the output from many extrusion lines.

    The greater the number of extrusion lines that can be handled by one offline coiling system, the bigger the savings will be.

  • What coil packaging method is most suitable?
    For coils where the coil section is small, typically less that 60mm square, packaging using adhesive tape is recommended.

    For coil section sizes from 60mm square to 300mm square it is possible to use stretch film or PP strap packaging.

    We recommend film wrap packaging as a preferred method due to it's many benefits. Film packaging is not suitable for products whose stiffness is so high that the film is unable to restrain the pipe end. Typically the cut off for film packaging is 32mm HDPE pipe, or equivalent.

    Strap packaging can be used for much larger coils, typically up to 1800 wide x 750mm deep.

  • How do I select which coiler is best for me?
    Use the selection guide to find the coiler model that is most appropriate for the product that you want to coil.

    If you are making a product under 90mm diameter and you have two or more lines running similar products, an offline coiling system will probably be more cost effective that putting a coiler at the end of each extrusion line.

    If you do not see a coiler model that meets you requirement, give us a call. We regularly produce coiling machines that are tailored to individual customer requirements.

    We can design and manufacture one-off machines if required.

  • Why purchase from Solanki Engineering Works?
    Our business is coiling and we are the leaders in coiling technology. This is demonstrated by the many unique products in our range that have been developed to benefit our customers, such as offline coiling and low ovality coiling technology.

    We offer a high quality product designed to give many years of operation backed by excellent after sales service.
We also makes 'Perfect' brand HDPE Pipe Plant, PVC Pipe Plant for an output upto 250 Kgs/hr. in various sizes, pipe diameter 16mm to 200mm. We offer vide range suitable for special requirements of our customers. We also manufacture extruder tank, traction, printing machine, jockey extruder, scrap grinder, mixer, diehead, coiler, etc. Our machine design is specially for those who want to get minimum breakdown in functioning production and get maximum output with low wastage. In our water cooling system tank and sizer, water spray system in totaly 'Different than any other pipe plant', so this is our prime achievement to get our customer satisfaction by production and getting profit.

For any kind of further details, please feel free to send us your online inquiry

Solanki Engineering Works manufacture and export plastic machineries along HDPE, PVC Pipe Plant, extrusion machineries, plastic processing machineries, PVC processing machineries, LLDPE pipe plant, plastic recycling machine, PVC trunking machinery, plastic profile machinery, jockey extruder, heater mixer unit, high speed mixer unit, scrap grinder unit for plastics and pipe socketing machinery for different applications.

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