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Technical SpecificationExtruder
Technical Specification › HDPE Pipe Plant (Extruder)
Solanki Engineering Works makes 'Perfect' brand HDPE Pipe Plant, PVC Pipe Plant for an output upto 250 Kgs/hr. in various sizes, pipe diameter 16mm to 200mm. We offer vide range suitable for special requirements of our customers. We also manufacture extruder tank, traction, printing machine, jockey extruder, scrap grinder, mixer, diehead, coiler, etc. Our machine design is specially for those who want to get minimum breakdown in functioning production and get maximum output with low wastage. In our water cooling system tank and sizer, water spray system in totaly 'Different than any other pipe plant', so this is our prime achievement to get our customer satisfaction by production and getting profit.

Model Unit SEW-50 SEW-75P SEW-65G SEW-55G SEW-90G
Min Pipe OD mm 20 32 25 25 90
Max Pipe OD mm 50 140 140 180 250
Max O/P Kg/Hr 30-40 45-50 70-75 120-130 200-210
Screw Dia. mm 50 75 65 (Grooved) 55 90
Main Motor HP 10 15 25 45 75
Barrel Heating kw 10 12 11 12 40
Die Heating kw 3 10 10 10 30
Total Connected Load HP 30 50 55 75 95
Space Requirement m x m x m 12 x 5 x 2.5 24 x 5 x 2.5 27 x 5 x 2.5 27 x 5 x 2.5 30 x 5 x 2.5
Other technical specification as per plant selection ›

• Drip ring for each pipe size
• Plant can be given with three line on pipe OD with the help of Jockey Extruders

  • For reducing operating cost and higher output, we can modify and improve your existing extruder, Diehead, Tank and Total plant technically as per your requirements and choice
  • We are supplying and manufacturing all type of extruder screw, barrel and dieheads for pipe plant
  • Output depends upon grade of material, size of product, ambient temperature, processing and operating parameters.
  • The description, illustration and specification above are correct at the time of design, since the policy of Solanki Engineering Works is to improve its' machines and equipment constantly, we reserve the right to change the design and specification of any product without prior notice.
For any kind of further details, please feel free to send us your online inquiry

Solanki Engineering Works manufacture and export plastic machineries along HDPE, PVC Pipe Plant, extrusion machineries, plastic processing machineries, PVC processing machineries, LLDPE pipe plant, plastic recycling machine, PVC trunking machinery, plastic profile machinery, jockey extruder, heater mixer unit, high speed mixer unit, scrap grinder unit for plastics and pipe socketing machinery for different applications.

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